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His first Job was a Buyer at Selfridges, London. Three years later he undertook a mammoth world tour, covering five continents and 55 countries. Working in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands flying medical supplies around the Islands, and at the same time visiting other regions like Irian Jaya and Rabaul in New Britain to witness some of the world's most unusual flora. A budding David Attenborough in the making ?... - well just maybe, - life can be full of unusual twists and turns. Jonnnie's hobbies - Flying has always been a favourite pastime of Johnnie's, swiftly followed by travel. He likes classical music, Opera and Skiing and loves good food and wine.

Johnnie's passion and inspiration into horticulture began at the age of six in East Sussex, - the gardens had been planted by Prince Munster, a German Prince in the 1850's, only for him to return to Germany at the outbreak of the first world war on account of political sensitivities. The Specimens planted rivaled many botanical gardens. A 'Golden oak' (Quercus robur 'Concordia') there are only three fully grown specimens exist in Europe.

In 2004, he became a finalist for the BBC Gardener of the Year. As a Garden Designer, Johnnie has been involved and designed gardens as varied as a 40 acre country house garden to terrace and balcony gardens in Primrose hill, Chelsea and Kensington.
Johnnie has been the BBC horticultural expert 'stand-in' at the Chelsea Flower Show. Johnnie believes we never stop learning and with with the organic garden movement gaining pace, it's an important opportunity for all to be conscious of the damage caused by Chemical intervention and is therefore in favour of more environmentally friendly options like the implementation of Biological controls and natural predators. So let's work together with the BBC as like-minded gardeners in the years ahead, with the challenges it brings, to redress the balance through the use of natural predators, biological controls. As a consequence it will increase your bank balance without having to purchase the many un-necessary chemicals. Listen to the Kitchen Garden Show every Sunday from 9am.


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