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1) Botanic Gardens of the Commonwealth & British Overseas Territories.

2) ‘Questions & Answers’
An opportunity for the audience to ask gardening & Allotment related Questions.

3) ‘Tropical Orchids’ –Tropical species of which there are 15 varieties that are quite easy to keep in Britain.
Or 2a - ‘Cypripedium Orchids’ – Temperate species, also known as Slipper Orchid which naturalize well in our gardens and give huge pleasure with its showy blooms.

4) ‘Lawn Care’ – making the most of your green patch through simple steps through the year.

5) ‘Fragrant and colourful shrubs throughout the Winter’. –Looking at the many shrubs that can fill your garden with colour and scents when all else has gone to sleep.

6) ‘Pests & diseases and their prevention’. With the many pest controls having been taken off the shelves – what are we left with and how can we use them to be most effective. Latest Pest controls updated Jan 2012.

7) ‘ The problems with Houseplants’. How to keep houseplants happy and in top condition in this artificial environment.

8) ‘The Low Maintenance Garden and not the No Maintenance Garden ’ – with time being of the essence for many, I look at how through plant choice and irrigation, you can stop the garden running away with itself.

9) ‘The raised garden’ A great solution for people who love their gardens or Terrace but the bending down is too much. This concept works really well for Wheelchair users to get the most out of their garden.

10) ‘Companion Planting’- This is a simple technique for protecting your crops without using pesticides. Also, an additional guide on how to get the maximum colour from a small space.

11) The Vegetable Garden.

The Four Seasons Talks:

  1.      April – A guide to gardening in April
  2.      June -  A guide to Gardening in June
  3.      Autumn - Prolonging the flowering period/ Autumn hues.
  4.      Preparation for the following Spring

12) ‘BBC Gardener of the Year’ - My experiences during the filming of this BBC National competition at the Botanic Gardens in Birmingham.

13) ‘BBC -The Green Welly Show’ & Kitchen Garden Show -My experiences as Producer and Presenter of these shows over the past 7 years.

14)  Fabulous Specimen trees for small Gardens.

15) Roses  - Going for an easier gardening life with disease resistance varieties
      and bountiful flowering periods.

16)  Clematis – Always a tricky one ! – the talk covers all three Clematis groups including which varieties to choose as well as Pruning and Planting – something often ignored and done at your peril.

Other Talks

  1. ‘The Commonwealth’
  2. A Unique Collection Of Flags (Vice Regal Standards) of the Governor-Generals, State Governors of Australia, Lieutenant Governors of Canada and Governors of the Overseas Territories, Unique in the sense that is the only collection of Standards in the world)
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